Mad Panda:
Who we are and what we stand for

Who we are

Mad Panda is a team of Microsoft Certified Experts in software development, DevOps, integration, and building out scaleable cloud-native platforms.

With over 37+ years combined experience in the space, we have designed, built and supported platforms across various industries such as Renewable Energy, Finance, Retail, Insurance, Payments, Banking and more.
More recently, our co-founders noticed a common theme amongst their clients - they always wanted projects delivered faster and cheaper.

While this is an unsurprising request, it traditionally comes at the cost of quality.

Seeking to change this accepted constraint of trading off speed, quality and cost - Mad Panda built their own Automation Technology to allow them to design and create software at incredible speed, without compromising quality.

Software project trends in 2023


Estimated revenue


Blow their budget


Complete on time or in budget


Simply abandoned

Did you know

31% of software projects are abandoned
In the UK alone, revenue in the software market is projected to reach just over £27bn in 2023.

With an estimated annual growth rate of around 7%, this will result in a market volume of nearly £36bn by 2028.

Statistically speaking:
  • 52% of software projects end up costing nearly double their initial estimates
  • over 83% are not completed on time or within budget
  • and 31% are abandoned before completion
This puts just over £14bn of software project revenue at risk of either blowing the budget, not completing on time, or simply being abandoned.
Mad Panda was born out of the necessity to solve this problem.

The solution

To automate software development
We are a software development company and we've built our own in-house technology which automates the Software Development Process, making it much more predictable, reliable, and efficient.

Our technology is used to avoid the common causes of software project failures, which includes:
  • Human error
  • Changes in requirements
  • Slow development times

We’ve built the equivalent of a car production-line for software development, to standardise and automate the end-to-end process.

Our mission

To prevent the failure of software development projects by using Automation Technology to standardise, accelerate and ultimately deliver on time, and within budget

Our Core Values

Unapologetically Agile

We live and breathe Agile as a methodology for software development. One of our mantras is to frequently and regularly deliver value, and utilising Agile methodology is key to achieving this.

Automated Innovation

We love to use Automation wherever possible, whether it’s Software Development or a Project Management process - innovating through automation allows us to spend more time engineering creative solutions.

Deep Domain Expertise

We pride ourselves on being experts in our fields. This deep domain expertise and knowledge is exactly what lets us truly deliver value to our clients in the best possible way.

Our Leadership Team

Headshot of Zubair Hussain, Co-Founder of Mad Panda

Zubair Hussain

Co-Founder &
Technical Architect

Zubair is a veteran architect, software engineer and technologist to his core, and has spent large portions of his career working in custom software development and integration.

After seeing many instances where clients are not always best served by their software teams due to a lack of industry experience, accountability and lack of incentivisation - Zubair founded Mad Panda to change this and bring massive value gains to the industry.
Headshot of Joel Blake, Co-Founder of Mad Panda

Joel Blake

Co-Founder &
Head of Engineering

Joel is a highly skilled software engineer and natural leader. With a diverse career encompassing industries such as banking and real-estate, he specialises in crafting massively scalable cloud-native platforms.

As the driving force behind the Mad Panda engineering team, Joel is dedicated to delivering the best possible value to our clients through technology.
Headshot of Jenni Venturi, Delivery and Operations Lead at Mad Panda

Jenni Venturi

Delivery & 
Operations Lead

Jenni brings a wealth of Project, Operations and UI/UX experience to Mad Panda. With a career spanning drug product development, Information Analytics for large banks and insurers, and managing Customer Experience and Digital Transformation initiatives - she ensures seamless project execution and client engagement.

Jenni’s systematic approach and dedication to success is key to driving exceptional outcomes for our clients.