Cloud Migration for SaaS Platform

Invevo saved £10,000 a week in legacy costs through tech refresh and cloud migration

Executive Summary

Invevo overcame challenges with their monolith application by implementing DevOps practices, automating processes, migrating to Microsoft Azure, and ultimately consolidating their platform. They benefitted from faster feature releases, improved responsiveness to customer needs and cost savings of £10,000 per week on infrastructure and management. Invevo’s transformation truly exemplifies the benefits of DevOps, automation, cloud migration, and consolidation when done well.

The Brief

Invevo is a SaaS credit management platform. The company faced significant challenges with their existing software, which was a monolith application that posed difficulties in maintenance and updates. The process of implementing any change, regardless of its scale, required manual coding, testing, and deployment. This resulted in a substantial consumption of developer hours and hindered the timely rollout of updates. Moreover, the manual process introduced a risk of human error, further impeding the overall efficiency of the system.

The Challenges

  1. Maintenance and updates: The monolithic nature of the software made it difficult to maintain and update efficiently. Each change required manual intervention, leading to a time-consuming and error-prone process.
  2. Slow release cycle: The cumbersome update process slowed down the deployment of new features and enhancements, making it challenging to meet customer demands promptly.
  3. Dependence on experienced developers: The manual procedures required experienced developers to be always available for coding, testing, and deployment, leading to resource constraints and increased costs.
  4. Costly infrastructure: The software was hosted on a managed on-premises service that imposed limitations on accessibility and incurred significant financial expenses.

The Solution

Mad Panda supported Invevo to implement the following solutions to address their challenges:

  1. DevOps: By adopting the DevOps methodology, Invevo significantly improved their software development processes. This approach emphasised collaboration, automation, and continuous integration, enabling faster and more efficient deployment of features.
  2. Automation: Manual processes were automated wherever possible, reducing the reliance on human intervention and minimizing the risk of errors. Automated testing and deployment procedures streamlined the development lifecycle.
  3. Migration to Microsoft Azure: Leveraging all of the benefits of a cloud-based platform, this migration in particular helped to eliminate the high costs associated with maintaining the legacy system, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  4. Platform consolidation: All clients were moved onto a single version of the application, eliminating the need to support multiple platform versions with bespoke components. This simplification allowed for better resource allocation and reduced complexities in system maintenance.

The Results

Invevo were able to respond so much faster to support their customer needs and were able to roll out enhancements and new features at lightening speeds. A massive cost saving of £10,000 per week by moving to the cloud was a real bonus too!
Consolidating all clients onto a single platform significantly reduced the complexities around support and enhanced overall operational efficiency. And introducing automation meant the dependency on the development team to be available out of hours completely went away.

Happy customers. Happy team. Happy client.

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“Using the DevOps mantra, we were able to drastically improve our software development process and doing so benefited our overall operations.

The migration to Microsoft Azure alone saved £10,000 a week in costs associated with maintaining our legacy system.”

Chris Moreton


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