New Markets for Renewable Energy Wholesaler with Tech Refresh

Empowering Segen's expansion into South Africa through custom software solutions and mobile app launch

Executive Summary

Segen had several obstacles to overcome in order to improve their technical capabilities. A lack of in-house expertise, a monolithic codebase, and a slow and risky change cycle meant they were unable to react quickly to new requirements. Furthermore, an outdated and error-prone order processing workflow led to frequent faults and customer complaints.

By revamping their technology infrastructure, we significantly reduced the high overhead of customer support caused by software issues, paving the way for a successful market expansion.

The Brief

Segen is the UK’s leading renewables distributor. They sought to expand their product offering and reach a brand-new market for them, South Africa. To achieve this, they needed to revamp their technology and address existing limitations in their core order processing portal. Mad Panda was brought in to provide a comprehensive solution that not only modernised their technology but also enhanced customer satisfaction and support.

The Challenges

To successfully penetrate the new market it was crucial for Segen to overcome certain obstacles, and ultimately overhaul their existing systems and processes. They needed an Application Modernisation strategy which would address both the technical and operational challenges which had been negatively impacting their efficiency such as:

  1. A lack of in-house expertise
  2. Legacy systems which were difficult to maintain and integrate with
  3. An extremely slow and risky change cycle
  4. An outdated and error-prone order processing workflow
  5. Frequent faults and customer complaints
  6. A high overhead of customer support due to software issues

The Solution

  1. Identifying key pain points: We delved deep into Segen’s software to identify key areas where customers faced challenges. Our actionable insights helped alleviate significant customer support overhead, allowing Segen to focus on their core business and expansion plans.
  2. Rebuilding the core order processing portal: Our team at Mad Panda conducted an extensive analysis of Segen’s existing codebase and infrastructure. We rebuilt their core order processing portal from the ground up as a mobile app, overcoming the limitations of the previous system while eliminating common faults.
  3. Bootstrapping Application Modernisation strategy: Mad Panda provided Segen with a robust Application Modernisation strategy that streamlined their technology and enabled seamless integration with their new market offerings. We worked closely with Segen’s internal teams to ensure a smooth transition, equipping them with the knowledge and tools required to launch and support the new platform.
  4. Finding technical expertise: We helped Segen vet and build-out an internal engineering team with capabilities across development, DevOps, integration, and support.

The Results

Our collaboration with Segen led to a successful expansion into a new market, driven by a refreshed technology stack, mobile app and custom software solutions. The revamped core order processing portal greatly enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced support overhead. With the Application Modernisation strategy in place, Segen’s internal teams are now well-equipped to maintain and grow their updated platform, ensuring the company’s continued success in their new market, and for any other new markets they may pursue in the future.

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“Our existing portal and business applications needed modernising. We brought in Mad Panda to help with this modernisation and bring their expertise in Cloud, Automation and Development to drive this.

Mad Panda launched our application modernisation strategy and has been a central part of it ever since.”

Ratan Kalwa

Digital Transformation Lead

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