How do you stop our IP being shared with AI?

The majority of your solution code (circa 75%) is generated with automation and deep templating techniques. Of the remainder, some will be AI and some will be coded manually. The AI part adds a bit of richness, but its the automation that does most of the leg work.

We keep a very tight scope on the problems we want AI to solve so it only knows about tiny parts of the whole story. Those small building blocks are not unique on their own. Nor are they valuable or protectable from an IP perspective.

Ultimately, we NEVER share any source code with AI.

Who owns the IP?

In short, you do.

You own all rights and IP for the solution codebase which has been generated for your requirements and use-case.

AI doesn’t always get it right, how do you deal with that?

AI only accounts for a small fraction of the codebase and that code is reviewed by a senior developer. The majority is automation and deep templating techniques, based on our collective industry experience of nearly 40 years, or to put it another way, Actual Intelligence.

It is a valid concern though and we advise caution with vendors using generative AI in a wholesale capacity. The more AI does, the more review is required. Reviewing code is labour intensive, and frankly boring and doesn’t guarantee consistency in the way that our automation does.

Are you selling the toolkit?

No - The Accelerated Development Toolkit is an internal product because, like any automated production line, it needs a specially trained operator. We simply use the toolkit to write code faster rather than throwing more people at the problem.

Are you an agency?

We are a Software Development Consultancy with our own in-house developers.

How is it supported?

We do offer support plans but we're flexible! There is no vendor lock-in.

Many of our clients choose to use their internal teams for BAU support. The solutions we build are C#.NET and/or ReactJs and are extremely easy to pick up.

Is this using ChatGPT?

We pride ourselves on using the best tool for the job. That may include ChatGPT. It may equally be other forms of AI such as Github Copilot X.

It's worth stressing here, that AI is responsible for only a tiny part of the overall solution. The majority is automation and deep-templating with no AI whatsoever.

Isn’t that just what Github Copilot X does?

No. Copilot X is a generative AI solution designed to assist a human developer. It is not capable of building a coherent, complete, production-ready solution like our Accelerated Development Toolkit can.

What kind of software do you do?

We currently support:

  • APIs with integration to any other WebAPI or GraphQL service
  • APIs backed by both SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Full-stack solutions with a React based web or app frontend.

We started with this as it’s what we’re most commonly asked for. However, this is a rapidly evolving product and there’s lots more coming on the roadmap! If you are looking for something else, let us know. We may well be able to help.