How we're different from the rest

Breaking the iron triangle with Automated Software Development

We use our Automated Software Development process, aka Accelerated Development™, to build your custom software and integrations at a fraction of the traditional time and cost.

This allows us to have finally broken the iron triangle providing high quality, low cost, and ultra-fast delivery all at the same time.

"We’ve built a proprietary system for Software Development which uses Automation and Templating Technology to build your software in a much faster, cheaper and more reliable way than was ever possible before."

How it works under the hood

Accelerated Development™ uses a proprietary hybrid of automation and deep-templating in a world’s first automated production line for software creation.

Much like standardisation and automation have changed the game in automotive production, manufacture of electronic devices, and DevOps to say the least - we’ve brought the same trusted concepts to software creation itself.

This allows us to massively accelerate software development times whilst maintaining very high standards in quality assurance, performance, maintainability and all that other good stuff.

We’ve taken all the best bits

We’ve taken all the best bits from the concepts of low-code and bespoke software development to create a powerful new way of writing your software at a speed unheard of in the industry, until now.

Our approach blends

  • the speed and agility of low-code concepts, without the vendor lock-in
  • the power and richness of automation, without giving away your IP
  • the flexibility of custom software development, without the costly time-sinks

The output is real code, which you own entirely - including all the tests, documentation and deployment pipelines that allow you to launch in minutes, not months.